3. Multikonferenz in Leipzig: 24.-25. September 2012


Co-located with the Leipziger Semantic Web Day

Multilingual Linked Open Data for Enterprises

The workshop is accompanied by data post proceeding Special Issue in the Semantic Web Journal - Submission is open and independent of this workshop. Submission Deadline: 23 November, 2012

This page summarises the output created by the workshop. Please refer to the Detailed workshop page for more information .

Click on the picture to see who exactly was at the MLODE workshop:

We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting the workshop:

The Working MultilingualWeb-LT Working Group -

The Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) EU Research Project -

The Monnet Project -

LLOD cloud

During the workshop we tried to add as much datasets as possible to the llod cloud either by adding existing datasets to CKAN or by creating and publishing new ones. You can watch this ongoing effort by visiting the following link -

Monnet Challenge

The Monnet Challenge set bounties on the creation of lexical linked data, in particular focusing on the use of the lemon format. We are pleased to announce the following awards:

Results of the hack day

Results of the hack day are still being prepared. You can already look at the draft here: . Please contact Steven Moran, if you want to add something.


All the available workshop slides are here:

DBpedia RoadMap

MLODE accomodated the first DBpedia I18n developers meeting. There was a face2face meeting on the 1st day, where we managed to get to know each other and set the foundation on how DBpedia will evolve. The minutes of the meeting are in DBpedia had also a dedicated session along with Wikidata where, at the end, we discussed the future of both projects. The main output from the discussion is that for the near future these two projects can only benefit from each other rather than compete.