3. Multikonferenz in Leipzig: 24.-25. September 2012


Arrival and accommodation

In order to have a pleasant stay in Leipzig we would like to provide you with information regarding the arrival and recommend you some hotel accommodations close to the event location.


By plane

The Flughafen Leipzig / Halle is about 30 minutes away (by car) from the city centre of Leipzig. InterCity and regional trains run regularly between airport and central station. The Berlin Airport is about 2 hours away, Airport Frankfurt or Airport Hanover are about 3.5 hours away by train.

By train

The city of Leipzig is well accessible by trainDeutschen Bahn from almost all European cities. The central station is very close to the city center and to the event location.

By car

Motorway exit Leipzig via Autobahn A9 (Berlin-Nürnberg), A14 (Magdeburg-Dresden) and A38 (Goettingen-Leipzig)

A9, Exit Leipzig West (map)

  1. follow Leipzig West / B181 and Merseburger Straße/181
  2. continue on Merseburger Straße / B87 (signs direction Torgau / Zentrum)
  3. turn left into the Lützner Straße / B87 (signs direction Torgau / Zentrum)
  4. turn right into the Jahnallee / B87 (signs direction Torgau / Zentrum)
  5. turn right into the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, take a right turn (signs direction Gera /Chemnitz)
  6. turn left into the Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße, take a left turn
  7. follow the main road until Martin-Luther-Ring
  8. turn left into the Grünewaldstraße
  9. follow until Universitätsstraße 3.

A14 Exit Leipzig Mitte (map)

  1. B2 / Maximilianallee
  2. keep right at Berliner Straße (watch out for Signs: Zentrum)
  3. stay on Berliner Straße
  4. take a left turn at Gerberstraße / B6
  5. take a left turn at Willi-Brandt-Platz / B6 / B87
  6. at Georgiring, take a right turn (watch out for signs: A38 / Grimma)
  7. stay on main road until Augustusplatz
  8. keep going until Roßplatz
  9. take a right turn at Universitätsstraße

A38 Exit Leipzig Süd (map)

  1. stay on B2 until Wundtstraße (watch out for signs: A9 / Weißenfels / Grünau / Zentrum)
  2. stay on main road until Flossplatz
  3. stay on main road until Harkortstraße
  4. Take a right turn at Martin-Luther-Ring
  5. stay on main road until Roßplatz
  6. take a left turn at Grünewladstraße
  7. stay on main road until Universitätsstraße


Please find below some recommendations for hotels close to the event location:

Please note that during the Sabre Conference 2012, other events will take place in Leipzig. For this reason we recommend you an early reservation / booking.